[fun]ky in the sun


Last week we had a fantabulous time outside on the front patio playing with the water table.  I can’t believe I’m JUST getting to the pics now…  Anyway, Peach and Fella could have played forever!  They splashed, soaked each other with cups, filled and dumped 10,000 times, and giggled away.  I completely enjoyed this gorgeous weather we’ve been having in AZ.  Ahhh…


^ Cuuuute little toesies.


^ I love that little look.  Usually means something suspicious is going to happen though!   ~m

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  1. Stacy Says:

    Hi Maggie!

    I came across your blog sometime ago, and I really enjoy reading it. I am a stay at home mom from Seattle, and seem to find so many similarities in your kids as in my boys. I LOVE the idea of the sensory table! Anyway, I was wondering how I might be able to get such bright vivid colors when taking pictures of my two boys? Do you use photoshop? I am guessing that the bright sunny AZ days are probably a lot more helpful than the dark gray ones here, but what else do you do to achieve such a bright clean look?


  2. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    Hey thanks, Stacy! I just emailed you. :)

  3. Marilyn Says:

    See above comment… Maybe you could copy/paste your reply? lol. I am struggling, but photography is my passion… Your pics are so vivid and they pop! Mine seem flat. Any help/suggestions would be so appreciated. I’m in Michigan, and we really do have some beautifully sunny days, but your color is incredible. HELP! I have twin 6 year old boys and I love photographing them, I’ve had people ask me to take photos of their children, but I want them to pop like yours do… I think I have an eye, but want the end result to be so much more.. am i making sense?

    thanks for any help you could give… you are truly an amazing artist.

  4. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    Thank you for commenting, Marilyn. :) I emailed you, too!

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