{glam for cocoa}

Would you believe me if I said that literally seconds before these pics were taken Peach was crying???

Ummm…yeah. Here’s some proof for ya. :)

These pics are right out of the camera…kind of a naked feeling because I usually edit pics a bit before posting them! :) Anyway, before the pics, Peachie was playing in the rain (notice the wet hair!), got dressed because she got soaked and THEN my sis called and wanted some pics of my new sunglasses. Peach was bribed. :) WITH hot cocoa. Mmmmm…

I love how they show her cute little personality EVEN though she was mad. :) Cocoa has quite the pull these days!

I have SO many pics from recent sessions (K and D you’re up tomorrow) so stay tuned!!!
Have a terrific rest of your weekend. ~m

4 Responses to “{glam for cocoa}”

  1. Jill Says:

    What a sassy, cute little thing! You know, modeling does run in your family! =)

  2. jen Says:

    i love her!!! love these shots!

  3. manda Says:

    he he that makes me laugh because I can totally be bribed with cocoa; it just makes everything better :)

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Hello Model! I like the attitude one…very magazine.

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