doozy of an evening…

Just so you know why there’s no pic(s) tonight…

3pm — little fella has rosy cheeks and starts a fever

5pm — i get a full blown migraine — can’t see. throbbing head. numbness. (waaay out of it until about 8pm or so)

8:15pm — laptop starts beeping (battery low) and my cord actually SPARKS, smells and makes a crazy sizzling sound — WHOA!!! [hubs is sent to the store to get a new one because i was in no condition (darn that migraine) to drive]

9ish on — little fella wakes up every hour or so with a darn croupy cough and faucet of a nose

12am — peach wakes up with a major ear ache — i sure feel for the kid.

WHAT the heck? Seriously, we never get sick around here!!! We’re absolutely off to the dr. tomorrow…hope everyone is 100% for Christmas.

Have a great day & send some healthy vibes our way if you’ve got a moment… ~m

6 Responses to “doozy of an evening…”

  1. tami Says:

    what the hey…i was up and actually caught this post! OH MY SADNESS to read all that is going on at your casa! sending some BIG healthy vibes your way! and HUGE vibes to the hubs since he was the only once not listed with a yucky! hope everyone hangs in there…and especially the glue of that family…YOU!

  2. Jessica N Says:

    What?! Sick? NOOOOOO…. I hope you all feel better asap! Santa’s coming!!

  3. Meg Says:

    Yikes! Hope you are all feelilng better soon! My son had the croup last week too, guess it’s going around. :(

  4. shawna Says:

    Doozy no doubt! I hate the migraines that come out of nowhere and knock the socks off you (while there are still people who need you to be mom, no less). I seem to have just avoided our holiday cold this year, usually it’s strep or bronchitis. Hopefully santa will bring you health and happiness :O)

  5. julie Says:

    You poor guys!! Hope everyone is feeling lots better soon….. ((((((((( lots of healthy vibes))))))))))) coming your way! (not like I really have tons, but I’ll give ya what i’ve got!) ;)

  6. stephanie Says:

    Serious Bummer!!! Hope you all are feeling better. At least it won’t be as hard to get the kids to bed so Santa can visit. That probably doesn’t help does it?

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