[star wars STYLE]

i was going through pics this evening (i can only get so far until fella wakes up with his sniffles and starts crying and crying) and found a pic of a VERY special family that we went trick-or-treating with.

they came over pretty late on halloween (due to the costume prep!), popped out of the car in all their costume glory, and were ALL smiles. it was the STAR WARS fam!!!

so, of course, i started snapping pics of their star wars-ness between laughter. you see, this mom (with the wig on) is a hair NUT, so to see her in a wig just put me over the edge!!! :)

i’m sad you can’t see darth and leia that well in the background but that’s also what i LOVE about this pic –they’re so stoic back there! the storm trooper is doing his little dude thing (shooting things!) and yoda…well, yoda is marching around exploring a mile-a-minute, as usual. their costumes were a total hit at all the houses — especially little green-faced yoda.

and now that they’ve started a WHOLE FAMILY DRESS UP thing, I wonder what they’re going to pull out of the magic hat next year! i’m on pins and needles already!!! ;)

have a super Christmas Eve!!!

oh, and thanks for all the well-wishes on the blog and via facebook. :) sooo appreciated, really! kiddo update: peach has an ear infection and wheezy cough (is on some major meds to combat those) and fella has an AWFUL head cold. can’t do much for him, except rub some vapor rub on his little bod. he’s miserable and a snot faucet. even though today was pretty bad, i’m sure HOPING for a healthy christmas!!! ~m

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  1. jen Says:

    it must be bad when you are blogging this early! keep chuggin’ super mommy.

    that pic is priceless!!!

  2. julie Says:

    Okay, well seeing that pic made getting up TOO early with a sick kiddo of my own a *little* more bearable…. ;)
    (I think I gave you too many healthy vibes yesterday! I didn’t save enough for my own fam! :( )

    oh, and thank GOODNESS for blurred out backgrounds!!!!! :p ha ha

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