I’m baaaaaack! :)

Wooooo weeee.  What a break!  We’ve been busy!!!


  • had two very fun-filled holidays with family and friends (amazing food, thoughtful gifts, and lots of entertaining gift wrap fights!
  • had to say goodbye to some very special friends who moved away to Oregon — so sad.  :(
  • slept in & went to bed late
  • had two sick kiddos plus one sick dog
  • met a two-day-old handsome little lad in the hospital — i LOVED every second of the visit with my pal Tami and her hubs (some pics to come!)
  • read tons of kid books, drank cocoa, spent 20+ hours at the park (on the slide specifically!), and went on lots of walks (lovin’ the fall-like weather since AZ seasons are all screwy!).

***I can just FEEL that 2009 is going to be different and I’m SO excited about it!***

And now, because I can’t wait ANY longer….presenting the wonderful B family.  They’re expecting a baby next month!    Dad and little A were having a ball with all the leaves!

This family was extra fun and special.  So many smiles, lots of tender interaction, and TONS of playing!

^ adorable BELLY!!!

^  One of the happy couple — he was being hilarious right here!  :)

And lastly, one of my favs. I think she just GLOWS.

Thanks you guys for such an incredible morning! Stay tuned for more peeks next week of this fam!

*****Have an awesome day & get ready for those daily posts again. I have lots and lots of images up my sleeve! :) ~m

6 Responses to “I’m baaaaaack! :)”

  1. julie Says:

    Yaay, you’re back! I am so glad you got to take that nice break, you so deserved it! I love these, especially #3 and that last one. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store! :)

  2. tami Says:

    yippee….so good to see you back in the swing of things…or pictures should i write!

  3. jen Says:

    i missed having my daily maggie fix! LOVE the couple shot… seriously perfection. i love how in love dad is with little one too.

  4. manda Says:

    i was going through withdrawals… jen blogged more that you, what does that say? :) i expect that there will be many pictures to share.

    ps — did you see who joined facebook…. :)

  5. Cristy Says:

    Maggie! They are fabulous and Kierra is beyond happy. Thank you for making such a special day for her and her family.

  6. Stephanie Says:

    So glad you are back to bloggin!!! These are beautiful pictures. The Dad looks SO inlove with his family. Love it!

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