[frozen face]

I can tell his face. is. CHILLY! :)

We had fun sledding with cousin T (see the resemblance?) with what little snow we got in Boulder. There was JUST ENOUGH to get by!

There wasn’t the ideal ‘oodles of powder’, but it worked for a mom, dad, cousin, & two excited kiddos who rarely see snow. And we were lucky enough to be joined by an awesome friend from college AND Aunt J.

Good times! Peach was DEFINITELY in her element (anything outside & fun!).

Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by! ~m

4 Responses to “[frozen face]”

  1. gretchen knoblock Says:

    how fun! they are so cute!!!

  2. stephanie Says:

    Love those little faces!!! I think the tubes are the way to go with sledding. Reminds me of about 12 years ago…YIKES!

  3. Meg Says:

    I love your pictures. Wish I could be more like you! :)

  4. julie Says:

    Oh my gosh cousin T!!!! What a resemblence!!! Cute pics as always :)

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