::that newborn pull::

After giving birth (both times!), it was always impossible for me to stop looking at my new baby.  With my eyes and ears, I would record every squeak, gurgle, nook, cranny, cry, twitch –  I was just amazed this little person was inside ME.   My little one was finally in the breathing world – so helpless, tiny, beautiful, perfect. 

This pic, from a recent session, brings me back to those days. 

^ SO peaceful.  So genuine.  So sweet.  Look at little B’s hand grabbing on to mom.  Her sweet little expression, mom’s tender look…I just love this image.

A–you look simply beautiful here, as does little B. 

Almost done with your images…   ~m

6 Responses to “::that newborn pull::”

  1. jen Says:

    beautiful image.

  2. Mimi Says:

    LOVE this ” baby love” picture — it says it all about that instant bond. I also like the way her hair frames her face and curves down to the beautiful baby’s hand.

  3. Mandy Says:

    I am the luckiest Auntie in the ENTIRE WORLD! My niece and nephew are the most beautiful and amazing kids! My “sister” is pretty amazing herself! You truely know how to capture her beauty. I have never seen “A” look more at peace and secure. Being a mother is a gift and she is enveloped in it. Thank you for having this gift and allowing us to share in it, I love coming to your site to see what is new! I love you “A”…you are stunning!

  4. srilu viene Says:

    simply beautiful. i love how she is holding on to mom.

  5. julie B Says:

    I love that pull… what a beautiful picture!

  6. ~ A ~ Says:

    I really love this photo! I think it really shows how lucky I feel to hold such a little miracle in my arms, close to my heart.

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