{life as art}

I love this image of C. Before this was taken, she was having so much fun piling rocks into a little circle, a game her momma created on the spot so I’d have some time to take some images of mom and dad.

When our mini parent session was over, C got to take allllll the rocks she had piled and throw them down into the river. Plunk. Plink. Plop. She smiled and giggled as each and every rock hit the water. What awesome fun. :)

I love this look AFTER. After the games had been played, the rocks had been thrown, she is just walking. Minding her own little 4-year-old business, taking in the beauty around her.

I had originally chosen several images to showcase with this, but honestly, think her little cuteness deserves a post of its own. Some images stand alone better, I think.

Have an incredible day! ~m

2 Responses to “{life as art}”

  1. tami Says:

    what an incredibly peaceful picture!

  2. jen Says:

    beautiful. i am back to my daily maggie fix, and loving it. :)

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