|the littlest|

The littlest JUST so happens to be a girl. She’s going to be SO well taken care of by her 3 older brothers. :)

I added some texture to this image because my VERY FAVORITE part is where brother J is patting her on the head. Texture, as I learned at my Jesh de Rox workshop a month or so ago, really brings focus to areas of an image. In this example, the slightly colored textures I used took a lot of the bright white out of the blanket AND made the background less interesting. It gives it a fun/different/funky vibe, which I love! Can’t wait to practice more with textures when I have time (<—hmmm….it’ll be a while!).

Have a super day! ~m

3 Responses to “|the littlest|”

  1. jen Says:

    that is just super sweet. love how you drew the focus in.

  2. Sherry Says:


  3. stephanie Says:

    love love love the texture!!! for sure! The picture is way to sweet! that little girl will be well watched after.

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