[fever, but FUN]

Little B was just not feeling well for our session. He TRIED…that’s for sure. AND was darn cute even though he had a fever… :)

I love this image because it truly captures life {as I see it} as a 1 year old. Those interested little explorers (with those legs that suddenly work!!!) always pull at my heart strings. His left hand is SO cute. :)

He’s so lucky to have such a sweet big sis (who, by the way, worked it for the camera!!!). :)

And two amazingly f-u-n parents. We laughed a LOT today.

Thanks you guys for such a fun afternoon — many, many more super fun images to come! :) Have a great day. ~m

* * * * * *
And I am off to Philly to meet with 20-something other photographers from all over the US! It’s an awesome opportunity to network and learn from each other. I can’t WAIT! :) I miss my fam already though…

The “office” will be closed through Wednesday. I’ll return all calls and emails on Thursday! I don’t know what internet will be like where I’m staying, so HOPEFULLY I’ll keep you updated. ~m

4 Responses to “[fever, but FUN]”

  1. stephanie Says:

    I love Mom & Dad laughing! The black & white of big sis is way awesome! What a little man…working on a sick day. He looks great!

  2. tami Says:

    how fun are those pictures ! have oodles of photography lovin’ on your trip! i’ll be crossing my finger for a teeny tiny update!

  3. sarah goodman Says:

    Have SO much fun in PHILLY! We need to get together when you get back home…have a little dinner or lunch together..
    chat soon…

  4. sarah goodman Says:

    Hey girlie…have a super fun trip! WE need to get together when you get back…chat soon,

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