{little personalities} | Phoenix family photographer

I think you can tell by these cuties that they had a whole lot to give my camera. :) Look at that squeezy hug she’s giving her big brother — I can’t help but look at their entire session and smile!!! M & C — Can’t wait to show you the rest.

Have a super day! ~m

6 Responses to “{little personalities} | Phoenix family photographer”

  1. jen Says:

    how sweet is that?!

  2. Sherry Says:


  3. tami Says:

    what an adorable brother squeeze! TOO cute!

  4. stephanie Says:

    Love it!!! That hug is the best!

  5. julie Says:

    Love that hug! I bet mom is lovin’ that one too! :)

  6. Jade Says:

    Awww! that’s so cute. I wish I was still little so I could take a huggie picture with my big brother!

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