< loof toof >

This little cutie pie came over to play with my daughter this week — the girlies had lots of fun running around playing dress up, pirates/shark, and bossing their siblings around. ;) When C arrived, she was sooo excited about the tooth fairy coming the previous evening & then proceeded to show us that her OTHER tooth was about to fall out, too…her front tooth was literally dangling!

Peach peered into her mouth numerous times and she looked on with curiosity as C wiggled and wiggled that little sucker the whole time she was there.

With a little egging on by the mommas, C FINALLY got the tooth out — there was MUCH cheering involved! :)

I LOVE the image on the left where she’s checking out that very new, gigantic open space with her tongue. :)

Then she started talking and there was a noticeable difference — tooooo cute! Peach desperately wants to lose a tooth now…

Have an incredible day! ~m

4 Responses to “< loof toof >”

  1. Tina Says:

    OMG too cute! So cool you were able to catch that!

  2. Mimi Says:

    Too perfect a story! What great pictures for this childhood memory for C and her mom.

  3. stephanie Says:

    I seriously can’t believe she lost the tooth while we were there! I am so glad you captured it…Thank you!!! K was way adorable offering to pull it out for her! You are awesome!

  4. Sam Says:

    Perfect timing; delightful photos. You are great at your work — you bring a smile to all of us.

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