prepare yourself–

Get your eyeballs ready for some cutie patootie newborn images….TWO exciting shoots later this week.  I’m having newborn session withdrawal, so I’m thrilled to meet these two new little guys that were recently born.  :)

But for now…

Here are ten perfect squishy toes from a little girly session that’s JUST about ready for mom.  I just *love* babies and capturing their every crease, eyelash, curl, roll, and perfect little skin (whether it’s wrinkly, smooth, flaky or whatever!) brings me so much joy. 

And presenting new parents with the final product is so exciting!  Here’s a little secret –> I always get a little choked up during slideshows when I meet with clients…I’m just a total softy and love watching reactions of parents when they see how gorgeous their kiddos and families are.  Capturing moments that evoke emotion is my passion.  :)   (for REAL…I’m not trying to be cheesy here!!!)

Have one incredible day!    ~m

3 Responses to “prepare yourself–”

  1. tami Says:

    awwww! i love baby feet…the sharpness keeps the precious details.!

  2. srilu viene Says:

    i love that second picture! She looks so content and at peace.

  3. Andrea Says:

    So precious!!

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