love {of the brotherly sort}

Got a HILARIOUS email from B’s mom today wanting to see some more sneak peeks.  :)   How could I resist editing more from the session with this cutie pie???  Don’t worry, G, there will be more in a day or two. 

^ How cute is THIS???  :)

^ Love that belly button and cuuuute little baby belly.

^ AND a little blast of adorable-ness. 

My favorite:  brothers.  :)   I adore how the little guy is looking up at his big bro.


Got TONS done tonight.  Phew.  Still moving along on the FL sessions.

Oh…and May and June are both COMPLETELY booked {except, of course, for the family promo which will be announced soon!}.    If you would like a July session, call now to get your spot.  They’re going quickly!!! 

AND…for our little blog contest from yesterday.  MEG!!!!  You’re the lucky winner.  Yea!  Send your address to maggiejmcd@msn {dot} com and I’ll get it off in the mail to you.  Congrats and thanks so much for your comment.  :)   Thanks EVERYONE for your comments, too!  :)   I appreciate your support, feedback, things that make me laugh, etc.    Have a great day.   ~m

7 Responses to “love {of the brotherly sort}”

  1. jen Says:

    i dig the momma and baby image!

  2. G Says:

    Thanks love! I SO ‘preciate seeing my little man!! And the one of both my boys… MY FAVORITE!!! =) I love them, thank you!!!!

  3. Meg Says:

    Thanks Maggie! Feasting my eyes on beautiful pictures AND getting a coffee card! That just makes my day. :)

  4. Phil Says:

    Kate doesn’t get a snack next time I babysit because she didn’t pull number 12.

  5. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    You’re SOOO very welcome, Meg. :)

    Phil–LIKE that would ever happen…you’re a total pushover when it comes to her! :)

  6. James Dunn Says:

    I don’t even have to say anything about the last one, you already know ;-) but the first one makes me feel awkward for some reason lol. Love the third one though! The position of his hands along with the composition and “serious” expression…perfect =)

  7. tami Says:

    momma’s expression, interaction…all the details are perfect in that second picture!

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