[getting bigger...!]

I was SO fortunate to meet this family last year and photograph {these adorable twins} at SIX days old! ;) I seriously couldn’t believe it when I saw them!!!

What a fun day…I’ll be posting more from this session in the next couple weeks!

[Moving Update] — We’ll be in TX very soon (TOO soon)! Packing this week, loading next, flying out the 22nd. I’m in the process of EDITING a ton, finding dates for my two last “summer” clients, getting a bunch of girls nights arranged so I can maximize my time with all the wonderful women I’m lucky to call pals out here in AZ…AND trying to keep a house clean/kiddos busy with all the craziness. My assistant, Mariah, is closing out many orders & has been working with clients through the ordering process — it’s been terrific!

Have one fabulous day!!! :)

6 Responses to “[getting bigger...!]”

  1. jen Says:

    Gorgeous family. LOVE the fam shot, so pretty! Fab job super star!

  2. Phil Says:

    Excuse me, and no disrespect to Mariah, but I’m pretty sure I have been your assistant for the past week or so.

    -Uncle Phil

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Too soon is right!!!!!!! Love the family picture! They are serious cuties!

  4. Maggie Says:

    Dear Uncle Phil,
    I ALWAYS get scared when I see you’ve commented on the blog!!! ;) But, yes, you HAVE been my right hand man lately. THANKYOUTHANKYOU.

  5. julie Says:

    Uncle Phil:
    In case you get kiddo withdrawal when the magster departs….PLEASE call me! I would love an assistant! ;) ha haa…..

  6. Jessica N Says:

    Beautiful family! ADORABLE kids! Fun to see them get bigger!

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