:update w/o pics: (unusual!)

Hi bloggity readers…
I’ve been MIA for the last couple days…even these last couple months have been tough as far as upates go (I’m SORRY!!!)!

Our time in AZ has come to an end and tomorrow, YES TOMORROW, we are flying to Dallas so the kiddos can see their new home for the very first time. My hubby has been there for 4 weeks, the dogs are currently being transported there (thanks Uncle Phil) AND our house here has lost any trace of the McDonald family.

I had my last AZ session yesterday…

My kiddos had an awesome photo session yesterday with my pal Jeanette LeBlanc (holy cow…check out their cuteness!!!!!!!!)…

I’ve met with lovely friends — lunches, dinners, mall dates, playdates & that’s been incredible and eye-opening. I am SO grateful for those I have met here that have enriched our lives and know that our friendships will only continue to grow from here. There are SOOO many peeps planning on visiting us this year (wooo hooo — gives me so much to look forward to!)

As soon as I get some pics of the house, I’ll POST!
Have a super day…

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  1. julie Says:

    Okay so now I’m crying for the 1000th time today! You jerk. :p You know how much I will miss you, but I am also SO very happy that your family will be back together again (amen to that!), and for all the wonderful memories and experiences you have ahead of you. It will be great. You will be great. And shoot, now we have a whole new place to come VISIT and what’s a measly 15 hour car ride?? That’s nothin! Could be a lot worse…. :)

    Have a safe trip, can’t wait to hear all about it and see some PICS! See ya’ll SOON! (<– I’m practicing!) :p

    L.O.V.I.E.S…….. (*sniff sniff*)

  2. Meg Says:

    Best of luck with your move and getting settled in the new place! Didn’t realize your husband had been gone this last month, your such a trooper!

  3. julie Says:

    oh and p.s. the pics are soooooo cute! I am DYING over #2!!!!! And the last ones on the bus!!

  4. crystalyn Says:

    maggie, GOOD LUCK!!!! i’m sure you will love dallas…and you will ROCK it! just saw your kiddos…those photos are adorable. what treasures. now i have another blog to follow ; ) look forward to hearing from you again when you get all settled in.

  5. Jessica N Says:

    I’m thinking of you guys as you open the next chapter in Dallas. I checked out the photos of the kiddos and they are tooooooo cute!!!!!!

  6. tami Says:

    sniff sniff! i WILL miss you and ARIZONA will too…but we will count the days until you’re back! chat soon!

  7. stephanie Says:

    SO SAD!!! Can’t believe you all are gone!!! There are so many new adventures awaiting your family in Dallas! We can’t wait to see your new creations and what the Lone Star state will do for you. Better put…what you will do for the Lone Star state! Just think, you can always do some glamour shots for 3 year olds!!!! j/k…Love you and miss you miserably!!!

  8. Sherry Says:


  9. shawna Says:

    some of my strongest childhood memories are of moving from tempe (sad) exploring my new empty house in massachusetts (awesome!). make sure you make slides out of the mattresses before you put them on the beds! wishing you guys the best: a safe, uneventful, slightly exciting move.

  10. Jill Says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting pics of your new home, nieghborhood!! Hope you are getting all settled. Sounds like visitors will keep you busy for the next month. =)

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