We’re ALIVE! :)

{What CUTE kids with lollis!!! == scroll down for more!}

SO, we made it to Texas! We’ve been here for 2 weeks now — unpacking, unpacking and even more unpacking! The kiddos are enjoying the new home, neighborhood & different types of bugs in the area. We inherited two cats, and have seen a mole AND a snake in our yard. Yikes!

My camera has been out only once because I know as soon as I start taking pictures, I won’t be able to stop. I’m trying to get our house ready for guests next weekend (my sis, her fiance & some of his fam)…and the weekend after that…and the weekend after THAT. We have guests staying for the next four weekends (which is AWESOME because it’s darn lonely w/o friends & fam here)! Wahoooo for visitors!

I need about one more week to be ready and then I promise I’ll post a couple pics of what we’ve been up to. The kids have a real live wooden playhouse out back & my sis and I are going to make the inside allll snazzy for the kiddos. Can’t wait.

I’ve had 6 sessions to edit (I unpack and play with the kids by day and edit by night!) and I have two left, so that feels awesome!

::::Here are a couple more from the stunning Y family::::

Aren’t these kiddos just gorgeous? :)

Have an incredible week — I’ll post on Monday after we get tons done (positive thinking!!!) this weekend. ~m

4 Responses to “We’re ALIVE! :)”

  1. Bittie Says:

    Glad to hear you are alive. . .I was beginning to wonder. Sounds like you are settling in on your new adventure!

  2. julie Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaay you’re back! (on the blog at least) :) Can’t wait to see it all live in person SOON!! Miss you.

    p.s holy cow those are some CUTIES! Beautiful pictures. :)

  3. tami Says:

    good to see your sweet pictures back AND get an update! trying to reach you girl! hope you’re having fun in YEEHAWville!

  4. stephanie Says:

    Snakes??? scary!!!! Glad you all are safe and sound! AZ is pretty lonely now too!!!!!!!!! Seriously cute kids! Can’t wait to see more Maggie pictures!

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