:busy weekend in Colleyville: | Dallas child photography

We had a fun family-filled weekend…the kiddos were excited to get out of the house (I’ve been keeping them cooped up so I can unpack!) and we saw the movie “Up!”

We all liked it (EXCEPT the migraine I got as we left the theatre — itt stuck around the rest of the weekend, unfortunately)!

The kiddos splashed in the sprinker on our front lawn AND we visited a nearby park. We tried out some new restaurants, too. <--SO disappointed in the mexican food here. Dang!!!

I TOOK lots of pics, but promised myself I'd stay away from personal pics until ONE LAST gallery is edited. Phew! Having fun with this gallery though because the kids are SO darn cute. I have been SO fortunate to photograph the CUTEST kids and families of Phoenix (and now hopefully the DFW area). LOVE it. :)

Here are a couple...

Have to take the dog to the vet tomorrow (mysterious oozing sore — yuck-O!!!), unpack for guests on Friday, and make lots of phone calls…it’s going to be a hectic one! Wish me luck!
Have a great day!

Oh, and the above series of pics is called a storyboard — I’ve had lots of questions re: those lately and just LOVE them!!!

8 Responses to “:busy weekend in Colleyville: | Dallas child photography”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I love storyboards! And “Up” was just fantastic. Glad to hear the move is going well.

  2. jen Says:

    awesome shots! love them!

  3. tina Says:

    So weird to see “Dallas” photographer on your posts :) I am a migraine sufferer too, I SOOO know your pain! I hate them! Good to see you adjusting so great there!

  4. julie Says:

    Yay for a family weekend! Sounds fun! :)

  5. leah Says:

    Hey friend…what a great storyboard! I’m so glad the move went well….I hope you are adjusting to live in a new city…I know you will do awesome there! Can’t wait to see more of TX! We miss you over here!

  6. Kristin Says:

    Woohooo! These turned out sooooo good! I love them all!

  7. Stephanie Says:

    Bummer about the mexican food…seriously…it upset’s me!!! Love your storyboards! Those kids are so darn cute!

  8. tami Says:

    oh so cute! LOVE your new header…girl you are getting your MOVE on!

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