:::looking for light:::

LOVIN’ the light in our new master bath! I feel, as a photographer, I’m never able to JUST LOOK at something or someone. My eyes see the world as if EVERYTHING is a potential photo shoot. {Sure makes life colorful and interesting.}

I’ve been scoping out the new house for various well lit areas, while attempting to unpack even MORE boxes. My office is the current project…not so fun! :(

I’ve had fun meeting some Dallas peeps lately — went to a maternity/baby networking meeting this week AND met a super kind neighbor, who is going to fill me in on some recommended preschools & moms groups. Ahhh…I can feel my stress level decreasing. :)

My parentals are visiting tomorrow (WOooohooo!) so we’re going to be having some MEGA family time AND an extra special Father’s Day!

Have a super day. ~m

8 Responses to “:::looking for light:::”

  1. jen Says:

    STUNNING! the image and your super sweet gal.

  2. tami Says:

    could she be any cuter….such a sweetness smile!

  3. Mimi Says:

    Can’t wait to see her and the rest of the faaamily in person!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Love the visitors!!! K is SO beautiful!!! I can’t get over how all our babies are growing up.

  5. shawna Says:

    haha, i already go through my day like that, so i can totally relate. it’s hard to turn off! someday when we get a house, light will totally be a selling factor. bathroom light is the best! and kitchen light. i hope you have fun watching it migrate from season to season, it’s like another member of the family.

  6. julie Says:

    Hope you are having a fabulous and fun weekend!!! Can’t wait to see you guys!!!

    p.s. LOVE the website, looks awesome! :)

  7. Meg Says:

    Awe, she looks so super pretty. :)

  8. Mariah Says:

    Yummy- I am loving those bright colors these days…

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