{a father’s day family weekend} | Dallas family photography

I just LOVE having guests because it takes this massive house and fills it with many conversations, laughter, discovery, & TONS of hugs. Life can be just really lonely when you move to a new city and know nobody! I think the kiddos and I have had some cabin fever because I feel like a new lady when guests come. :)

Having my sis last weekend + my parents THIS weekend makes me SMILE — my kiddos, too. :) We always have a terrific time together.

What have we been up to, you ask??? :)
*we’ve dined at some super restaurants (discovering new ones every couple days!)
*played some family baseball (& basketball) in the family room
*unpacked/organized the office and the kiddo art room (still working on the office though!)
*saw “the proposal” with my mom — cuuuuute!

One super fun thing was that I got to take some pics of my dad. He needed an image for a high school reunion coming up, so he HAD to have pics taken. It’s not everyday when your dad asks for a picture!!! Even though I only had 5 minutes (we were almost late for a dinner reservation) it was fun capturing him, my mom, & my kiddos.

Seriously, it takes literally a minute to snap a picture of someone you love — I’m SOOO glad I did it, so glad my dad asked, AND so glad I made my mom hop in there for a few frames. :) It’ll be so nice to get these printed for my kids, too. They love looking at albums of pics and of loved ones on their memory boards.

Have an awesome day! I’m going to TRY and post again in a day or two and get back into the blogging routine. ~m

6 Responses to “{a father’s day family weekend} | Dallas family photography”

  1. jen Says:

    ohmygoodness. that shot of the kids with your folks is AWESOME! and look at lil’ stink and his flashlight. :) i thank your dad for passing on the dimples too. what a handsome guy!

  2. jen Says:

    can i just add that a post from you in the mid morning totally throughs me off!?

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Your parents look so happy!!! Their smiles say it all!!! So glad you were able to spend Father’s Day together and spend time with your sweet parents! The pic of your Papa is wonderful!

  4. Jessica N Says:

    Love this picture of your dad!!!

  5. julie Says:

    Aw, this post almost makes me cry! How sweet! I can just feel the love and happiness! These pictures are really special.

  6. Cathy Says:

    It is so cool to see pics of your parents. They were always so wonderful to me!

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