{fab friends}

Ahhh…vistors are what are making this house a home. :) It feels SO nice to have familiar voices, laughs, faces, & hugs around here. We were SO excited for the B family to jet by on their whirlwind trip through the US. The kiddos just couldn’t get enough of each other…

{see what i mean???} :) These two BFFs really DIG one another.

Lots of pool time, a trip to the Children’s Museum and the Imax Theatre, some yummy bbq, and some MEGA pool playing (as in pool table!) by the adults, led to a fun-filled weekend.

Anybody wanna visit??? :)

Have a good one! ~m

3 Responses to “{fab friends}”

  1. jen Says:

    you know i’m coming! you gotta figure out your phx schedule so we can plan a trip to the mcmansion! looks like the kiddos where on the GO! makes me tired. :)

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you got some friend time…both of you!!!!! Looks like some seriously happy kids!

  3. julie Says:

    Yeeaaaahh!! These pics are GREAT, love them all!!!! Whenever you want some pics from the pool playing, let me know! ;) ha haaaa
    Miss you guys!!!

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