{nerves lead to good things}

Howdy from Texas…  ;)

We’ve had a busy start to the week with Peach starting Bug Camp!   She was SUPER nervous the first day (SO cute — we had a loooong talk about how being nervous is hard but worth it in the end!) but absolutely LOVED the class.  She ran right through the door today and barely even said goodbye!  This will definitely help with the transition to kinder in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS.  Wow.

I found at least THREE awesome photo sessions spots this weekend as I drove around where we live, so that makes me EXCITED.  Especially since I hear that photogs in AZ are getting kicked out of even more places.  Such a bummer — especially during the holiday season.

Speaking of holiday season, I FINALLY finalized pricing, session locations, dates and times for sessions in Arizona in October and am going to be ready to roll it ALL out on Monday.  Can’t wait to photograph my peeps in AZ again (and there are a total of TWELVE session spots, so they’re going to go fast)!!! Be on the lookout Monday morning for more information if you want to nab one of the twelve!  ;)

Coming soon

  • Holiday Sessions info for AZ (for Oct)
  • Holiday Sessions info for TX (for Sept)
  • OUR family vacation in a couple weeks!!!  Can’t wait to take TONS of beachy pics, Disney goodness, headshots for my amazing talented actress cousin, a photo session with a super cute CA family, AND maybe, just MAYBE I’ll attempt to photograh my cousin’s family of 8.  It was actually TONS of fun last year.  AND we are going to see some really REALLY awesome pals that we miss terribly from AZ.  I’ll be recharged for SURE!

Off to bed….whoooo weeee it’s LATE!

Have a super day.   ~m

oh..and p.s….these pics were taken RIGHT before her bff “T” came to visit. She got ALL dolled up and was hanging around the door lookin’ cute. ;) We’re in TROUBLE!!!

4 Responses to “{nerves lead to good things}”

  1. jen Says:

    she’s growing up too fast. make it stop.

  2. tami Says:

    second what jen said….! and, woo wee for getting the holiday ball rolling already! AND, i’d probably give my left leg for your texas locations!

  3. stephanie Says:

    Trouble is right…you two and the boys!!! What a beauty!!!!!! I like the over the shoulder smile :) SO glad she likes Bug camp. I love that she loves bugs!

  4. julie Says:

    When I was reading this, T walked in and goes “MOM … is that KATE???” Then a big sigh, and a big smile…. I think we are both in trouble! ;) Love these!

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