{little nature lovers}

{LOTS of little streams here for serious bug hunters like my two. }

On this morning before “Bug Camp,” I smiled behind my camera as the kiddos slowly crept toward the stream (hoping not to disturb the little fish that swim to and fro).  As soon as they approached, the water moved like crazy and little fish (or tadpoles???) darted every which way.  Peach and Fella smiled big but their eyeballs were suddenly full of something even MORE exciting.  HUGE dragonflies came out to play!!!   Ooooh there are bugs (BIG and small) out here…   It’s so fun to have kids that are just consumed with nature.  Excited by everything.

I’m thoroughly enjoying all the Texas greenery and hunting for places to take the next best set of images.  I constantly drive looking for amazing locations and I’ve found quite a few!

I have LOTS to share of my children and am loving finally being able to do some quick edits to the pics of MY KIDS!!!  My personal pics have been on the back burner for quite some time and I’m having fun editing, experimenting & learning by doing some mini sessions with my kiddos.  They’re not too excited about it, but HEY, at least they’ll be able to see how adorable the were when they get older.  :)   And I’ll be able to remember {and cherish} these fleeting moments.

Okay,,,on to some BIG darn news (and less cheesy writing)…I’m coming to Phoenix in OCTOBER.   October 10-12 to be exact!!!  I am only scheduling 12 sessions and due to a wait list that I started in January, SIX of those spots are already taken.  Whoa!  Because I want to provide the best service possible to my clients, I can’t schedule any EXTRAS, BUT if you’re interested in one of the six sessions, there will be an announcement on Monday about how you can score one.  First-come, first-served!!!  I am getting SO excited!  I’m ready!

See you MONDAY & have one fab weekend!  ~m

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  1. julie Says:

    Love the little bug hunters!!! Can’t wait to see you guys, YAAAAY!! :)

  2. stephanie Says:

    It must be a whole new world for them!!! How awesome!!!

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