{the haircut}

BEFORE we left on our big trip, we took Fella over to an old-fashioned barber shop nearby and he got the REAL DEAL haircut. As an antique lover (I KNOW you’re proud, mom!), it was a really fun place — we had an awesome time!

{LOVE him looking in the mirror!!!}

BUSY starts this week and doesn’t let up until school starts for Peach! I’m ready for it (I think!)…

Have a super day!

5 Responses to “{the haircut}”

  1. julie Says:

    LOVE it! He is soooo handsome…. love the snuggles at the end too, how cute!

  2. Bittie Says:

    That colored one of him grinning at his reflection made me laugh out loud!

  3. Meg Says:

    Loving these haircut pics, what a fun place to shoot. I am dying over the one of him looking in the mirror, SO cute!!!

  4. stephanie Says:

    The pic of those two at the end is SO sweet!!! His face in the mirror could not get any better!!! Go Mama!!!!!

  5. sarah goodman Says:

    the one of him looking in the mirror is PRECIOUS…..so glad you caught that! WAY too cute!

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