{ beauty/beach/playtime }

I’m so fortunate to have this suuuuper sweet, beauteous woman as my cousin. She’s living in Los Angeles, doing the actress thing, so we met up for some headshots! She……was SMOKIN’!!!!!

DANG!!! She worked it!!! :)

Since our session was fun, informal AND my cousin is a kiddo lover, we brought the kiddos along for the session. So….while we took pics, they had some sandy fun at the beach (no water that day, thank goodness).

The stick was a HUGE hit for the little man. :)

Have a spectacular day…I’m getting up in 3 hours to work out with some TX ladies! Yipes, better get some shut-eye.

Oh, and we’re off to San Antonio for a couple days of Sea World, Riverwalk, & exploration. I’ll be baaaaaack…

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  1. julie Says:

    She is gorgeous! Great pics, I can SO see J in pirate mode with the stick!

    umm… did you say work out?? :p

    have a FUN weekend!

  2. stephanie Says:

    Your cousin is a beauty!!! I just love your kids…I want to be K for a day!!!!!!! Awesome pictures! Have fun in San Antonio. I can’t wait to see what pics you get!

  3. Jessica N Says:

    Beautiful!!! You’ll have to let us know how the work out went ;-) Three hours sleep?!? Hope you have a nap in your future (but seriously doubt you do!) XO

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