[tappy feet]

{walkin with daddy-o}


*Experimenting with some VERY fun and funky new actions here!  :)   I love changing up my typical photo post-processing and think that’s important to do to keep growing as a photographer. 

{up in lights} 

The look of shock on her face — looking out at the 1500 seat theatre (pretty full!!!)–pretty much stayed there the whole time.  It was hilarious watching these little ones sing “Baby Take a Bow” and tap their way through it, bumping into each other…doing the wrong moves…totally priceless.  Every single face in the audience was smiling for these cuties. 

Back to my own post-processing.  Look at that zing of color!!!  :)   This 10×20 storyboard is getting mounted and hung in her room. 

All-in-all the dance weekend was a hit!  We drove past her dance school today and she said she wanted to go, so I know it was an overall good experience for her.   Hubs, “Uncle Phil,” and I went to her performance and she was really thrilled that we were all there.  It really was quite entertaining (you should have heard Phil cackling)!  At the end, she got a rose from her daddy and was beaming. 

Even though the costume was a little too flashy for my taste (whoa!) it made for some cuter-than-cute pics and even better memories.  Can’t wait to see what number she’ll be wearing next year (I can only handle the glitz once a year, I’ve decided!!!).  :)    Hope you all had a super weekend.    ~m

16 Responses to “[tappy feet]”

  1. Jessica N Says:

    Seriously adorable!

  2. Jill Says:

    Too cute! I like what you did with the first one especially! =)

  3. jen Says:

    she is flippin’ cute! love the fun processing! (oh, and her dimple?! are you kidding me? (like bobbi!))

  4. Phil Says:

    Cackling is an overstatement, you make me sound like a witch. There is, however, plenty of unintentional comedy at these things, which is probably why I enjoy them so much. She was great.

  5. manda Says:

    my oh my! That second picture is just priceless; the smirk that brings out her dimple, the hands outstretched, the polka dots beaming.

  6. julie B Says:

    Where to begin… I LOVE the dimple, I love the first one (you know how I love b&w pictures with color!)… they are all great! I’m so glad I got to appreciate the true beauty of this costume in person. :)

  7. Srilu Says:

    wowza, Maggie! She looks so stinkin’ adorable and grown up! I love these pictures.

    New actions? Are we talking totally rad – the revenge? I really like what I’ve been seeing of them.

  8. James Dunn Says:

    I love these photos of yours that portrait every day life type things in a wonderful way

  9. Amy Says:


  10. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    Thanks for all the blog lovin’!!!!!!!! We think she’s pretty cute, too. :) And that dimple is thanks to me…and I have my dad to thank for that.

    Yup, Srilu, got the new actions…really need to play. This was just my first stab at them! Wahoo!

  11. Leah Says:

    That outfit is TDF! What actions are these? I love them! She is just so cute! I would have just been grinning the whole time too!
    Hope to see you in July!

  12. Sherry Says:

    Sooo cute!!!

  13. Michelle Says:

    She looks soooo cute! My favorite is the first one, walking with daddy. Absoutely adorable!

  14. sarah goodman Says:

    she is such a little cutie-patootie!

  15. maggiemcdonaldphotography Says:

    Awww…hey Michelle!!! :)
    Leah — sent you an email, girl!!!

  16. Mimi Says:

    Sorry we missed the dance recital. I’ve been to these before and you could seriously hurt yourself laughing at this slice of Americana. But now we’ve seen the pictures and the video (how did you balance two cameras?), so we’re lucky to have a great photographer for a daughter who can take us there in pictures.

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