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::: The SHORT version of the froggy tale :::
Peach took an art class last week. At the end of the OIL PAINT day, I went into the classroom and saw ALL the other kids (6,7,8,9 year olds) perfectly clean and lovely. I looked over and gasped — my little gal obviously had a couple run-ins with the oil paint. :) She had deep blue over one eye (her attempt at eyeshadow, perhaps?) and globs and speckles everywhere else. To top off her look, on the way out of the class, she looked down, and smushed her cheek into the wet, brown portion of the canvas. Lovely. :)

Good thing I had my camera — of course, I wanted to capture her very first oil painting (she’s in love with art these days). Her face was an added bonus!!!

When we went to find a nice spot to take some pics, we saw several teeny tiny frogs jump by our feet. My brave little creature lover immediately reached down and gently grabbed one…only to smear the poor dude with bright yellow paint. Not much of a camouflage froggy anymore — sorry little guy!

Here’s her work of art, which will be displayed in her little art room shortly!

Have a super day! ~m

4 Responses to “{ the oil painted froggy } | Dallas Child Photographer”

  1. Meg Says:

    oh my gosh, she is SO cute with that paint all over her face!

  2. julie Says:

    Oh how I love her!!!! LOVE the paint all over, that is sooo her… and that painting rocks!
    This totally made me smile! :)

  3. stephanie Says:

    That is GREAT!!! I love the paint all over her!!! Her painting is AWESOME!!! She did a good job on the frog too :)

  4. Cristy Says:

    She is very much an artist!! What an amazing painting!!!!

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