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Oh, the first day! It’s been such a long time coming…I can’t believe my oldest is now an official student! Thank goodness the whole fam went for “Meet the Teacher” the previous Friday, so we could see Peach’s new school…the visual of her teacher, the kids, the physical classroom, really helped prepare our little lady (and her sad momma) for the first day.

Since she knew what to expect, she wasn’t very nervous!

She held Fella’s hand the whole way into the building as daddy-o and I walked behind. :)

She sat down like a big girl and THEN looked a little unsure once reality set in! That little nervous look only stayed around for about a minute though…

I had a hard time leaving, so I peeked in at her through the door for a while…she didn’t even know I was there!

It brought back TONS of great memories being at school. I taught 2nd grade for 4 years and really had a great experience (and loved elementary school when I was little!), so I was SUPER excited for Peach. I love that she will socialize with peers in the school community (it’s SO strong here!), be able to look up to other adults as role models, and gain confidence in this academic setting. I just can’t believe this day is here!!!

{And, because I wrote this a couple days AFTER school started, she LOVED her first day. She said there were lots of rules (with a frown), but has been so eager to get up early and go in the mornings. SO proud of her.}

*Stay tuned for some SOCCER pics…yes, I became a mom of a kindergartner AND a soccer mom in the same day. :)

Have a super day!

*Update for clients:::holiday card options are ALMOST ready for you to see (next week or two!)! I have an awesome variety this year — they’re classy, mod, chic! You’ll LOVE! :)

9 Responses to “{first day of kindy} | Dallas Child Photography”

  1. Jessica N Says:

    Oh Maggie – beautiful documenting of her big day. You should have told me when we talked yesterday! Wow, congrats. She’s going to have so much fun. I loved school too and am excited to see it through the eyes of my son. Thanks for sharing and go soccer, kindy mom!

  2. Jessica N Says:

    OK might I add that Fella is sure looking like he’s growing up pretty darn fast!

  3. stephanie Says:

    AAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!! How awesome!!!!!! I love how big her backpack is…it really shows just how little they are :( Off in Kindergarten, how special. I can just imagine all the wonderful things her brain is thinking. She is going places!!! And, you go soccer Mom! Can’t wait to see the pics…don’t forget all the mini’s.

  4. tami Says:

    awwww….so sweet! and way to get on top of the holiday cards!

  5. julie Says:

    I’ve been dying for your kindy post, it was every bit as fabulous (if not more) than I knew it would be. :) LOVE the b&w of her in the class! I am so excited for your soccer mom days!

  6. Leah Says:

    Hey Maggie
    I didn’t know you taught? It doesn’t surprise me though…I’m sure you were an awesome teacher…love the pics of your sweet little girl. How fun to have her in school…yay! Hope you are liking Tx…we miss you around here!

  7. Mimi Says:

    Absolutely LOVE it!

  8. Claire Says:

    How cute. I am so happy. I haven’t checked out the blog in too long. You are so good Mags…

  9. Michelle Says:

    Awww! I love how you captured their first day of school! I totally remember the “first day” of every new year of school…all the jitters and excitement….how cool and thanks for sharing this special moment!

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