while daddy’s away… | Dallas Family Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful mom and her two kiddos a couple weeks ago with a group of photographers from the Pictage User’s Group. It was nice to get out, meet other photographers, and photograph such an adorable, deserving family. You see, the husband/father to these cuties is away in Afghanistan for 8 long months. Although it was difficult to get “that” shot with 20ish photographers in such a small space, we sure tried!

{love their candid moments}

I’m sure dad/hubby is going to LOVE seeing his beautiful wife and kids. I can only hope these images (and the images from the other photographers there) help fill in those missing moments while he is away.

I hope the time passes quickly and everyone stays happy and safe.

Just want to say thanks to this family and to PUG for this great opportunity!
Have a super day!

5 Responses to “while daddy’s away… | Dallas Family Photographer | Maggie McDonald Photography”

  1. tami Says:

    mags…i might just be me but it sure looks like you got “that” shot! killer pictures…and killer moments! LOVE them! so glad you got to hang with a fab group!

  2. julie Says:

    Aw, what an awesome idea… and the pictures are to die for! I’m lovin those red shoes and that red TUTU!!!!! SO cute!

  3. stephanie Says:

    So cool!!! I love the pic of all three of them! Mama looks beautiful on the stairs!

  4. Mimi Says:

    Gorgeous shots of the gorgeous red-white-and-blue family.

  5. Catie Ronquillo Says:

    It was SO GREAT meeting you!! Love the shots your captured :)

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