{horsie friend} | Dallas Family Photography

We met this li’l guy this weekend. We’re thinking next time we visit, we’ll bring some cool, crisp apples. :)
There really is SO much to discover in a new place! Have a great day.

3 Responses to “{horsie friend} | Dallas Family Photography”

  1. Jessica N Says:

    Awwww… Love the glowing main and tail :) Hint, hint…they also love peppermint candies – you know, the red and white swirly Christmas type ones.

  2. stephanie Says:

    What a beautiful new friend!!! He looks magical. I bet the kids just love him!

  3. julie Says:

    Aww! This makes me smile after a day when I NEEDED a smile! Thanks maggie! Can you ask K to name him, because I know that will be gooooood…… ;)

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