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So, I know I’ve mentioned before that when we moved in, we inherited two (we think three) cats. It’s quite fun because Peach has always been a cat lover and NOW she can have cats that remain outside (I’m allergic–phew)! Two pretty much look exactly alike (except one is super shy). I’ve only seen the other late, late at night, so he must be ultra, ultra shy!

These felines provide hours of entertainment and bring us sweet (hah!) gifts like dead lizards, moles, and birds in return for us keeping their water and food bowls full. :) One is always around, watching the kiddos play in the front, eyeing the soccer ball being kicked around, and rubbing up against us.

Peach cannot get enough of them (and wants to pepper her room with images of these cats, so I thought I’d post some here)!

Have a super day! ~m

3 Responses to “the cat(s) who came with the house | Southlake child photographer”

  1. julie Says:

    I could just eat her up ,she is too cute in her soccer gear and being a little cat lover! Love the kitties!

  2. stephanie Says:

    I am diggin the animal thing! The pic of just the cat looks like she is a big wild kitty…love it! So, it seems like it was in the cards for K to have one…or three :)

  3. Michelle Says:

    Yea for cats…you know I’m a cat lover so I’m pleased to see I have a kindred spirit in Peach!

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