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Today after kindergarten AND preschool (and a volunteer meeting for me!), the kiddos and I hit up the Butterfly Festival in Southlake.  Although Fella likes bugs, his interest in them is nothing like Peach’s.  From the moment we stepped in the tent, she danced around the place like she was the happiest kid in the world (WITH a butterfly on a stick).   You see, they had these long wooden sticks with a piece of watermelon at the end (a fav food of butterflies apparently).  If you carefully put the melon near their feet, they hungrily crawl right on!

The kiddos and I had an awesome time comparing, touching, and observing these winged creatures! I’m so happy my pal Farrah told us about it!

We left with some Painted Lady larvae, which we’re incredibly excited about! We also have some ants coming to us in the mail (ridicuous, I know!!!) for an ant hill my husband decided that the kids needed (yipes…not my dealio if they escape!). It’s going to be a zoo around here!!!

Have an incredible weekend!

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  1. stephanie Says:

    That sounds like an fun afternoon!!! I can only imagine how much fun K must have had with all those butterflies! Good luck with the ants :)

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