*gentle* reminders

You see, the mom of this cutie and I are pals.  In April (uh huh…waaaaay back then) I asked mom if I could borrow her daughter for a mini photo shoot.  I wanted to try out a location that a family requested — ya know, check for lighting, see what i thought, etc.  Well, it was swell, until we were busted by a guard, but we still got some great pics.  Some of those were posted here and here

^ Love that little head peeking out!!!  I love the curves and lines in this image. 

ANYWAY, after that photo shoot, I got SUPER busy and haven’t been able to breathe much since.  Mom gave me a “gentle reminder” (seriously, my friends have to do that sometimes!) that she’d love to see some more of the pics…SO I dug DEEP into the archives and edited a couple. 

THANK YOU, S, for letting me borrow your cutie.  Isn’t she SOOOO adorable???  I *heart* her spunk…always have.    ~m^  Look at all the fun she had!!!  [Some fun post processing!!!]  ALL your images are ready, S!!!  :)

Oh, and P.S.  — some ROCKIN’ blog changes are coming our way!  Can’t wait to give you a tour!!!

5 Responses to “*gentle* reminders”

  1. jen Says:

    ooo! things from the vault is sweetness to my ears! maybe i’ll be seeing an email of some hottie husband or find a disk in the mail! :) loves!

  2. tami Says:

    These pictures look like they are more than worth the wait! Ab fab angles, location varieties, and I HEART that look of toddler wonder you captured!

  3. Sherry Says:

    WHOA! I knew they would be good..but come on! I LOVE THEM. It was worth the wait :-) ).

  4. julie B Says:

    LOVE these! I agree, definitely worth the wait, Sher Bear! :p

  5. James Dunn Says:

    i love everything about that b&w one =)

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