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I have to say, that last year, the photo session with these kiddos was H.A.R.D!!! I’ve known these two forever, so that didn’t help our difficult situation BUT we made it work (after two photo sessions and literally having mom not come along to worry the second time) and came up with some great, fun portraits.

THIS year, however, was a different story. As soon as my camera came out, they fell into each other with hugs and stares — it was an all-around love fest. Mom and I were shocked, and excited, and I’m SO thrilled I could capture their love for each other. We all see these fleeting moments with our children and I feel so fortunate that they wanted to share this side of their personalities with me!

{SERIOUSLY, one of my favorite all-time images….do you prefer color or b/w???}

So, here are a couple of the B kiddos…and all their cuteness.

OH…and one of their fam…running…and my BFF is probably going to kill me for this (and then love me for getting the images above!). ;)

Have an awesome Halloween! Off to get some pics of my cuties in fake costumes…and then their real ones after that. You’ll see what I mean… ;) ~mm

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  1. Dana Says:

    seriously, that 1st image is FANTASTIC! I love them both, but love the color one so, so, soooo much! The red and blue are the perfect contrast and with the green background, it’s absolutely stunning. Not to mention the kids are just too adorable for words!!!

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