:::working feverishly::: | Dallas Senior Portrait Photographer

As some of you may have noticed, my comments haven’t been posting. :( I’m so sad because I just LOVE receiving comments and think it’s a great way to give feedback to the photographer and client. Many of my clients LOVE to hear how stunning they look in a portrait. :) I am working like crazy (reading SUCH boring website/blog stuff) to TRY and figure out how to a) have comments enabled again and b) post working links to my site. I have no clue what happened, but am absolutely not savvy when it comes to fixing the inside of a blog! Helllllllp! :)

And because I just love pictures ,(hah!) here’s a lovely senior. I seriously can’t wait to watch her spread her wings next year and do amazing things with her life. She’s just as beautiful inside as outside. I know, stunning!!!


Have a loverly day!

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