Fixed!!! :) | Texas family photographer

{taken at the Texas State Fair last month!}

Thank goodness for Facebook. I wrote an update on there that stated my distress about my blog and VOILA!, I got a response from two SUPER sweet photographers that told me to contact Heather of Lovebugs Photography, so I did! Seriously, she emailed me back in 5 minutes and said she was happy to help. And that she did! Phew. I’m definitely going to have her help me with some website/blog/Photo Cart work now, so stay tuned for a couple changes coming your way. And definitely email Heather if you want some work done — I’m SO impressed already. :)

Another post is coming tomorrow! As my editing from Phoenix sessions is coming to an end, I am ready to post some of the incredible families I photographed in sunny AZ. WAIT ’til you see their love!

Have a great day.

6 Responses to “Fixed!!! :) | Texas family photographer”

  1. Phil Says:

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    Just Kidding.


  2. Shari DeVoogd Says:

    GORGEOUS pic!!!!

  3. stephanie Says:

    Love that picture! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to comment again!!! Thank you Heather :)

  4. Jill Says:

    Very cool!!! I love this picture. Seems to sum up Texas pretty good too. =)

  5. julie Says:

    WOOOOO!!!!! Big fat YAY for comments!!! :)

  6. Cathy Says:

    This picture is so so cool! Oooohhh!!!

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