There’s a chill in the air! | DFW Child Photographer

Last week was SUPER chilly! We even drove to the bus stop to pick up Peach each day in fear of frozen fingers and noses. :) It might not seem cold to all the Colorado folk out there (the high was in the 30s one day — THIRTEEN degrees with the wind chill!) BUT it’s quite a change for our family (accustomed to AZ “winters”!).

Here’s a shot of my little Fella…one afternoon we had fun throwing the red, orange, and yellow leaves in our yard and the little guy stopped for a minute so I could snap this quick pic.


We saw Santa last night at my hubby’s holiday party — pics edited (and shared) soon after I finish a rockin’ client album. Stay tuuuuned. ;) Oh, and Peach has a Christmas ballet & tap recital today, so I’m SURE I’ll have some to share from that, too. It’ll be SO special to see her little proud smile from the auditorium seats as she taps across that stage!

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!

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  1. julie Says:

    OH that pic is to die for…..breathtaking!!!! LOVE him! Can’t wait to see the rest from all of your fun holiday events :)

  2. elaine brenner Says:

    Lord. He is one beautiful boy. I love it…I could eat him up!

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