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Happy New Year!!!

We had a nice time sledding this evening as a family (+ uncle Jason), just as the sun set. Fella took a couple runs down the hill and then thought the prairie dog hole was much more interesting.

Only a couple more days in beautiful Colorado…

Have a great 2010 — we sure hope to!

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  1. Aunt Teeney Says:

    Maggie – Happy New Year to you, to Hubs, Peach, and Fella! It’s still 2009 in Seattle as I type this – but only for 25 more minutes.

    I just spent New Year’s Eve paging back through your entire blog (all the way back to November 20, 2007) while I listened to the New York Philharmonic (Live from Lincoln Center on PBS) and Thomas Hampson (singing Gershwin, Copland, and Cole Porter ).
    I saw lots of pics that I’d never seen before.

    When you first began your business I saw how talented you were and now seeing the progression over the past two years, I’m still amazed at your work – wow you photos are truly wonderful.

    Thanks so much for the Christmas Card with pictures of you, Jon, and the kiddos. Every year I can hardly wait to receive it and can never bring myself to retire last years photo from my bulletin board, which is overrun with family photos that I can’t bring myself to put away.

    Hope to see you in Virginia in July at Blake and Allison’s wedding and then again in September at Libby and Jacob’s wedding. I’d never seen a picture of Jacob and loved the pics you did of Libby and Jacob.

    Lots of love to all of you from Aunt Teeney

  2. julie Says:

    What a cool picture! Happy New Year you guys! :)

  3. stephanie Says:

    Happy New Year to you all!!!! What a beautiful sunset and mountains!!! I bet J had a great time sledding…Thanks for sharing!

  4. Melissa Says:

    What a fantastic photo.

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