the lollipop coat | boulder child photographer

It’s obvious I have a thing for lollipops.

  • I love the color combinations — I’m a rainbow kind of girl.
  • I love that they’re sweet.
  • AND I love when I give them to clients and suddenly I see those REAL candid smiles that I’ve been working all session for. It’s hard NOT to smile while eating a lolli. :)

When I met {this family}, I immediately fell in love with this little wool coat. Scroll down and see the lollipop closure on the front? And check out the lollis on the sleeves! It was perfect for the frigid weather, perfect for little E, and fit the family to a “t”!

Here they are (in motion) all stylin’…

And here SHE is modeling her too-cute-for-words smile and the lollipop coat…


And to finish the shoot off, we had some fun with a caboose and some balloons. What a wonderful afternoon, indeed!


Have a lovely Monday (almost ready to show you all your images, s!!!)!

2 Responses to “the lollipop coat | boulder child photographer”

  1. julie Says:

    Cuuuute! That caboose is killer! :)

  2. stephanie Says:

    The balloons are awesome…and the lollipop coat!!!!! Love it and the family!!!!! Thanks Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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