oh, to love a pet! | dallas child photography


This doggy of ours is a maniac.  And I say that in the most loving dog-mommy way.  He has quite the personality — more than any other dog I’ve met — and cracks us up daily.  Despite being allergic to everything a dog shouldn’t be (trees, grass, shrubs, etc), which results in annoying lick-fests, he is such a cute cuddle boy and loves to play.  He is so sweet and patient with the kiddos, which is a major bonus, too.


{a typical “guilty” look}


{Best buds} I love LOVE the nose-to-nose pic on the far right. They’re pretty darn cute together!!!

Have an incredible day!

4 Responses to “oh, to love a pet! | dallas child photography”

  1. Amy Says:

    So stinkin’ cute!

  2. stephanie Says:

    I love the first picture…K’s face is awesome!!!

  3. julie Says:

    How CUTE! (is that your office couch????)

  4. Tracy Says:

    You are so talented! Love that first expression on her face.

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