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Ahhh…I’m so lucky to have such a beauteous sister who is always a very willing and fun model!  She always brings extra fun clothes and accessories when she visits and when we actually find the time to have a photo shoot, it’s such a great time!

She had recently found this dress at a vintage store and it was just PERFECT-o for this location.  Very woodsy-chic!  I love how her red hair just blends in with the leaves, too.



This little sis of mine is getting married in September and I definitely need to share some of the engagement portraits we did over the holiday break.  Trying to keep some a secret until their Save the Date cards go out though.  It’s been fun combining our visions and I love how involved her fiance has been during the whole process.

Hope you have an incredible day!  ~mm

4 Responses to “Sister Act | Maggie McDonald Photography | Dallas Fort Worth photographer”

  1. julie Says:

    She is perfectly graceful and gorgeous, as always!!! I am dying to see some engagement pics!!!

  2. stephanie Says:

    Your sister is SO awesome…so is her sister ;) I love it when she plays model!!! She is so good at it!!! Totally can’t wait to see some engagement pics…too much fun!!!

  3. wrecklessgirl Says:

    these are STUNNING!!! so gorgeous .. can’t get over it! beautiful posing and expression.

  4. wrecklessgirl Says:

    and .. where did she get that dress? i want it!!! :)

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