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Been busy trying to get this little man better. His ear infections haven’t really stopped since BEFORE Christmas…we’re trying all sorts of things (antibiotics, vitamins, herbal concoctions, pediatrician, chiropractor) to help heal his ears… The Dr. said that everything is muffled to him and when language development is crucial at his age, I just want to get this D-O-N-E as soon as possible. :(

Coming soon…another favorite book!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Jessica N Says:

    :( A friends child has CHRONIC ear infections. He’s much younger but really, every two weeks he has one. He lacks some kind of antibody that helps fight infection. Anyhow – I share because they ended up getting an antibiotic ear drop (versus treating him orally every time) that seems to help – though he still gets them constantly. She (the mom) was desperate and said she would do just about anything to help her little guy.

    I hope he gets feeling better REAL soon!!!!!

  2. Jill Says:

    Hey – I so know how this is. Kylie basically couldn’t hear the first 3 years of her life….until she got tubes just after her 3rd bday. Poor guy. Hope you figure it out!

  3. stephanie Says:

    I am so sorry…how incredibly frustrating!!! For both of you! I hope you find a solution very soon. Please give your little man a BIG hug for us!!!

  4. Jacqueline Says:

    Maggie, Sorry to hear that. Chloe had them as well real bad and she had tubes put in 2 years ago, and I had her ears checked last week with her cold and they said she’s still got them in and has NOT had an infection in 2 years since the tubes. Obviously they worked for her, maybe give it a try, especially since you say speech is becoming an issue which I know about as well…Wish you all the best.

    BTW can’t believe the weather you’re having….I saw the national news today and you guys were on it! YIKES!

  5. julie Says:

    Poor guy!!! HATE hearing about him not feeling well :( How frustrating. Hope you get some results soon. LOVIES!

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