*Snow* in Dallas! | Southlake/Colleyville/Grapevine Family Photography


Where do I even begin? Our neighborhood has been a complete winter wonderland these past few days. We went sledding several times, drank lots of hot cocoa (WITH whipped cream :) ), built an enormo snowman, had snowball fights, and SO much more! It has been an amazing experience EXCEPT for all the destruction this snow has brought to our poor trees. I think we lost 4 pretty large ones, one of which is Peach’s climbing tree. Darn.

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to…

:::lots of snow stomping, sledding and snowball fights:::

:::freezing and making a 6’3″ snowman with hubs and Uncle Phil:::

:::stopping for 4.7 seconds to take it all in:::
:::enjoying the beauty of our transformed backyard:::

and…giving some sibling lovies!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s! The kiddos and I made some delish cupcakes today — and couldn’t quite get the frosting red enough, so the boys had to settle for pink on top of their cupcakes (Fella wasn’t incredibly pleased — how funny!).

Have one lovely day! We have school tomorrow because of the snow day — bummer!

4 Responses to “*Snow* in Dallas! | Southlake/Colleyville/Grapevine Family Photography”

  1. tracy Says:

    Simply amazing!

  2. shawna Says:

    okay, i’m officially jealous. it hasn’t snowed in seattle once this year!

  3. julie Says:

    Love, love, LOVE it! Beautiful pics – love the sibling lovies. (and love J’s sweater!) :)

  4. julie Says:

    WHOA I just realized how much love was in that comment!

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