it’s BLASTball season! | Southlake Family Photographer


Oh wow…my little guy is starting Blastball! Blastball is similar to T-Ball — it’s an awesome introduction to the baseball concept using a foam bat and ball, where no gloves are necessary. Kids get lots of action AND learn about teamwork and sportsmanship without the pressure of keeping score. Plus, I hear first base has a horn when you stomp on it. Yee-haw! :)

We went for our intro this week and met the team. It’s going to be FAN-tastic. These pics show Fella in his jersey, but without the rest of the uniform. Wait till you see him ALL decked out! XXS baseball pants on a little dude couldn’t be any cuter. ;)



Gotta love a little encouragement from Dad. Fella was grinning all weekend!


Have one super day! Our Mondays are FULL of activities, so we’re gearing up for a mega day!

5 Responses to “it’s BLASTball season! | Southlake Family Photographer”

  1. Claire Hibbard Says:

    Love these! How cute with dad… Can’t wait for Gavin to be able to play….

  2. julie Says:

    Blastball looks awesome!! How FUN! He looks cute enough in the jersey.. can’t wait to see the whole uni! :)

  3. stephanie Says:

    This sounds like so much fun!!! He looks like he is having so much fun!!! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  4. Mimi Says:

    I love the dad/son picture. How much fun is that?!

  5. Mimi Says:

    GO Number 3!
    We can hardly wait to go to a “game.”

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