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IMG_6908web (anybody see a little guy peeking through an airplane engine???) ;)

What a day! An incredible day. :)

This year, I participated in an event called Giving is Awesome, where a deserving family is nominated for a complimentary portrait session and goodies. I was completely taken aback when I read the nominations. The T family really stuck out to me — aside from working incredibly hard and being awesome parents, the mom in this family LOVES to give back to the community. She passionately volunteers for Challenge Air, a nationwide non-profit organization that provides complimentary flights for children with disabilities, special needs, and/or life-threatening illness. When she talked to me about it today, her face lit up. I LOVE it when faces light up!!! Not only does she love this organization, but aviation plays a special part in her relationship with her youngest son. They picnic near airfields quite often and have celebrated the little guy’s birthday while watching airplanes land. They’re gearing up for yet another birthday at the Rio Concho Cafe RIGHT at the airport (as in, planes pull up RIGHT THERE to dine!) — can’t wait to hear ALL about it. :) I hear the food is quite good, so check it out! I definitely plan on bringing my kiddos there to eat and watch airplanes land — how wonderfully different — we definitely miss the Hangar Cafe in Chandler, AZ!

Anyway, today was magical. Easy. Fun. Lots of smiles. We originally were going to photograph the whole family, but when mom had the idea of securing an airplane for our session, the focus of our time together moved to the interests of their younger son. I LOVE the fact that what they love was brought into the session! This, to me, is what custom photography is all about.

We started out in a hangar, where little mister checked out the planes from afar and then got to get into the pilot’s seat! He wasn’t too sure, so mom hopped in with him (they hugged first).


It took a little while to get comfy…

IMG_7431web but in no time he was ready to fly…and DEFINITELY at ease.



He looks SO content in this pic…LOVE it. :)

More pics to come in the next couple days. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a super day…

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  1. Karen Says:

    Just BEAUTIFUL, Maggie! As always, you took some great shots of “Mister”. This looks like it was such a fun session!

  2. Lisa T Says:

    Thank You Thank You
    Mister said, “Yep, that’s me! See my teeth?!”

  3. Lauri Stumph Says:

    What a cute session!!

  4. tami Says:

    oh mags…these are so fun! SO good to see them!

  5. Linda Williamson Says:

    very cool…

  6. Carrie Scruggs Says:

    How fun are these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. julie Says:

    I can’t imagine how much fun you must have had!!! Awesome pics (as usual!) – what a little cutie!

  8. stephanie Says:

    SO much F-U-N!!!!!!!! I love the pic of him peeking through the window! Awesome!!!!

  9. Aileen Says:

    What incredibly beautiful photos! I love all of them!!!

  10. Erin Carlyle Says:

    Ummmm…SO MUCH FUN! LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are fabulous friend!

  11. Maggie Says:

    Thank you SO very much for the comments, friends. :) Makes my day!

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