Little Aviator | Dallas/Fort Worth Child Photographer


I had THE BEST time at this session. It’s always fun to change things up a little…and an airport was SUCH a killer location for a couple airplane fanatics. :) Here are a few more fun shots from my time with this wonderful momma and her son.


I love how scrunched up his little eye is. :) And what a little sweetie. He collected about 20 rocks during our session and at the end, he gave me ALL of them. It was such a kind gesture!


Can you feel their strong bond and love like I can??? :) It’s images of these that I cherish with my kids. As a mom, it’s hard to get behind the camera sometimes, but it’s SO worth it. Remembering and capturing those special moments is SO important…and a part of history! (I know that sounds cheesy, BUT it is!!!)

For more fun images of this session, check them out here!

Have one terrific day!

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  1. stephanie Says:

    I feel the LOVE!!! It can melt your heart to look back on beautiful pictures of your children! These pics are fun!!! Love the pics of mom and son :)

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