rinky dink

GUESS WHAT my new toy is???!!!


a super cheap-o rinky dink underwater camera. 

it’s JUST PERFECT for me and my little photo experiments shoots with my kiddos. 

we had lots ot fun, but let me tell you…just trying to watch these hooligans in the pool is hard enough, but to take pics of them too was CRAZY! 

I have a little crazy in me, so it ended up being pretty fun.  :)  

^ I think this last one (of his kicking feet, lobster trunks, and bazillion bubbles) looks totally funky/different. 

I’m off to bed EARLY ( I still won’t tell what time that is!!!).  Have a fun day.  ~m

10 Responses to “rinky dink”

  1. tami Says:

    OMG! how fun is that little new do-hickey! and the first one….um, peaceful and perfect!

  2. Jessica N Says:

    Love it! It’s so great to see little fella swimming away. Makes me want to go swimming! Agree on the bubbles shot – cool.

  3. julie B Says:

    How cool! And I’m SURE it’s not rinky-dink, by the way… ;)

  4. jen Says:

    how fun!!!

  5. Leah Says:

    I have loved all of these pictures of your kiddos! They are all awesome! For reals! I love the corn feilds too…I will have to find out where that is in the fall!

  6. Jackie Says:

    Love, love, love the last shot with the bubbles too! Also, I’m so impressed with your little girls swimming skills! As much as my little sweetheart LOVES to swim (well… go in the pool:) she just refuses to put her face in the water while she swims! She is determined to stay vertical in the water – we will definitely have to hit you guys up for some lessons! Love your work – great job!

  7. Collette Says:

    That is so cute. I once thought about buying a underwater housing for my camera – not the SLR, but the P&S – but man, after seeing these – you don’t need one! The photos came out awesome! Fun, fun, fun!

  8. crystalyn Says:

    this is so cool maggie! did you get a camera or a house for your camera? what did you get. i would love to play with this!

  9. craigphoto Says:

    Super shots, especially the first one! You have an exceptional gift at photographing children.

  10. shannon littrell Says:

    super cool shots!
    i would love to know what kind of camera you used!
    please tell!

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