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My style in a couple words : vintage + modern + a little spunk + a bucketful of fresh + definite color.  How does one do allllllll that with Bluebonnets?  I was beginning to wonder that myself!

My Bluebonnet sessions this weekend were SO much fun.  They made me think out of the box and use the flowers and open space in a different way.  A way that kept me on my toes, which I appreciate.  I like having to work for fun & fresh images.  :)

When I met with the M Family, we began with the obligatory Bluebonnet portraits (gorgeous kiddo in a sea of blue, which is super cute!) and then the mom said…”The girls are ready to run…I told them about your sessions and they’re ready to run and spin and jump”…and I immediately relaxed.  I hadn’t worked with this family before BUT mom knew me.  She studied my blog and my website and prepped the girls for my kind of session.   {I almost gave her a HUGE squeeze, but we only had 25 minutes, so we pressed on…}

So, what did we do?  The kiddos ran and laughed and jumped and froze and spun until their dizzy bodies melted into the tall grass.  We ALL had a blast.   And while I did capture some adorable “in the moment” running, jumping and spinning shots, this portrait below was taken in between all the action.  I LOVE it.  It’s not funky or modern or colorful or even fresh, but it’s honest and true and shows her classic beauty: her cuter-than-cute profile, curly blonde locks, determined expression, & delicate arms swinging as she walks…   I’m sure it was about 5 seconds until she was spinning again, but I’m happy that this simple moment was captured.


I’m in my own personal sea of Bluebonnet portraits and find myself smiling as I work through each family’s session…I’ll be posting several sneak peeks for my fabulous client families this week.  Stay tuned…

Hope your day is wonderful.


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  1. stephanie Says:

    Totally AMAZING!!!!! What a beautiful picture…and girl! I love your story!

  2. tracy Says:


  3. Kristen Martin Says:

    I love this photo. I loved the photo shoot. What a great moment to have forever. Thank you.

  4. Maggie Says:

    Thank you, ladies. Your comments are SO so appreciated. :)

  5. Mimi Says:

    Really cute moment captured — I love her expression.

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