BEAUTeous sibling portraits | dallas / fort worth child photography

Meet the sweet soccer superstar S (and the rest of her siblings below). :)


IMG_0323web Mom brought a hat for this little guy, too — SO cute with his little outfit.

Oh these kiddos make me smile.  :)   Mom was one of the first women I met in Texas and it’s been a pleasure seeing their family several days a week through various kid classes & sports we have our children enrolled in.  Mom and I are on an endless quest to find what’s BEST for our kids (soccer? ballet? piano? dance? gymnastics? which camp? which teacher? the list goes onnnnn….).  It’s tough work, I tell ya!   We also volunteer at the elementary school library together, so over the past year, we’ve bonded over shelving books and escorting adorable kindergartners to the latest, greatest book.  :)   OH, AND their dad coaches the girls’ soccer team…so yeah…we see quite a bit of each other!


Anyway, back to the portraits.  Aren’t these kiddos STUN-NING!!!   And so super duper sweet.  My daughter always gets giggly when she sees their oldest (pictured up top), which makes MY heart sing.

M Family — thank you for being so FUN & willing to do crazy, zany running (after these portraits, of course) and trusting me to capture your kiddos. You will receive gallery links shortly!

Have a terrific day!

3 Responses to “BEAUTeous sibling portraits | dallas / fort worth child photography”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Beautiful family!
    And (top) she’s an amazing athlete, too!

  2. stephanie Says:

    Those are some beautiful kids!!! Awesome job Maggie!!! Lovin the flowers!

  3. Kristen Says:

    Maggie – these photos are STUPENDOUS! And, you’ve said such nice things about us. Thanks so much. Matt is in awe of your talent. You rock! Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks so much!


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