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I think I probably tasted some dirt for this shot. :) WELL worth it.

Every shoot I have, I like to stretch my limits, my comfort zone. I definitely shoot an image or two (or ten quick ones!) to experiment with, whether it be a pose, a new prop, a location, or an angle. For me, it’s incredibly important to stay creative, for myself and my clients. For this image, dad really wanted a picture by this cabin. After we tried a fun family portrait to the side of this fun structure, I decided to try a silhouette shot. The framing kept calling my name. And as my mom would say…the diagonal lines, going every which way, from the structure, shadows and bodies, really appealed to my eye.  My mom LOVES diagonal lines.  :)

So, there you have it. An experimental shot, for me, turned into a fun portrait.   It’s amazing how much you can learn about a family when they stand before you as a silhouette.   When faces are stripped away, you are left to focus on body language, who is touching who and how.  I notice the broad shoulders of the oldest brother about to go into first grade, how littlest one is leaning towards his big sis and giving his mom’s hand a big tug, and how the only daughter stands tall and comfy right next to her daddy.  Above everything, I love how they’re all connected.

Hope you have one terrific day!


7 Responses to “a little experiment | Family Photographer Dallas”

  1. Krista Muskovin Says:

    Amazing Maggie! Everything about it is perfect and gorgeous!

  2. julie b Says:

    AWESOME! You continually amaze me! Love it. :)

  3. Tracy Says:

    you are so talented! That is really a cool shot!

  4. Mimi Says:

    Yeah, I like ‘em, because diagonals are dynamic!
    Cool shot — I was thinking that you were down in the dirt to get it…

  5. Bittie Says:

    You know how I adore silhouettes!!! This is awesome, I love the colors plus the contrast of the black shadows. Well done!

  6. Shannon Says:

    Taking a second look at this picture and what I love is the blue sky and those puffy white clouds! Neat – O

  7. sarah goodman Says:

    LOVE….LOVE….LOVE this…so much!

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